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Who we are

DCFCT was set up in July 2005 as a Company limited by guarantee, and was granted charitable status in January 2006. It is managed by a Board of Directors, which is supported by an advisory committee. Included on the Board and the advisory committee are GPs and family therapists, who serve also on the referral panel.
Funds are raised through subscriptions from private individuals, special fund-raising events, donations from charitable trusts and support from other agencies.


The Hon Robert Montagu Chair
The Hon Catherine Boyd Vice Chair
Mrs Judy Hammick Chair Referral Panel
Mr Geoffrey Thomas Treasurer
Mr Neil Harris Clinical Director
Ms Ginny Dobson Director of Development


The Hon Robert Montagu
The Hon Catherine Boyd
Mrs Judy Hammick
Mr Geoffrey Thomas

Advisory Committee

Dr Max Mackay-James
Lady Angela Neuberger
Sheelagh Rennie
Mrs Emma Treichl
Mrs Jean Edleston
Mrs Sarah Craven Webster