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What we do

About the service
'The Dorset Child and Family Counseling Trust offers a grant-supported service for children, adolescents and families where there are emotional, behavioral or other mental health problems. The service is focused principally on helping low income families, charging them £5 for each professional appointment, given as speedily as possible. However under a new scheme just started, higher income parents may benefit as well by contributing higher rates. See the section on How we can Help.'

Why does DCFCT exist?
It is the aim of DCFCT to provide families with concerns about their children’s behaviour or development with information, advice and guidance on what counselling can achieve, what services are available and to commission counselling as appropriate in consultation with the family. The NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) provides an excellent and vitally needed service across Dorset. Some cases do not yet meet the criteria for CAMHS services but can benefit from the early provision of counselling. This may prevent the worsening of problems with the growing risk of self-harm, abuse and severe emotional disorder. Furthermore, many cases will not result in a formal diagnosis, leaving the underlying issues unaddressed or may be addressed effectively without recourse to formal diagnosis if counselling is made available in a timely fashion.

The Dorset Child and Family Counselling Trust offers a grant-supported service for children, adolescents and families where there are emotional, behavioural or other mental health problems.

Some examples of what DCFCT has made possible to date
"Both K and her Mother report having benefited from the sessions. During our time together we have focussed on K's bereavement issues. She has found it helpful to explore, express and understand her feelings and reach some measure of acceptance."

'"I am pleased to report that by then (sixth session) everyone agreed that there had been a complete transformation of J's aggressive and defiant behaviour and that the whole family is now much more harmonious."

"During these sessions he learnt how to calm his mind and body, resulting in an end to his panic attacks. When I spoke to (boy's Mother) a week after M's third session she said he was much happier."

"Mrs W has gained considerable insight and understanding of (daughter's) issue."

"Whereas when we started he was singled out as a problem, by the time we had finished he said he is now popular at school and his answers to all questions about being unhappy, nervous, angry, worried, restless, having tantrums etc were- 'not anymore' "