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How we can help

Children and adolescents may experience a range of difficulties in growing up. Sometimes these are related to family relationship issues and sometimes to school or peer pressures. Concerns may include:

Professionals and agencies seek help from us when these problems are not so severe that these young people require highly specialized attention from CAMHS. This help enables families to receive prompt counselling support with a qualified therapist for up to six sessions. DCFCT commissions and meets the cost of the sessions, subject only to requiring a contribution from the family of £5 per session. To qualify for this help, families must be resident in Dorset and the joint annual income of parents or carers must not exceed £25,000.

We can now also help families with higher incomes. This requires a contribution from families to the cost of the six counselling sessions as follows:
Between £25,000 - £35,000 pa: £20 per session
Over £35,000 pa: £45 per session

Please follow the referral process via the downloadable referral form under 'How to make a referral' which can either be printed off and posted to Myra Viggars (PDF version) or filled in online (MS Word version) and returned to the DCFCT email address as an attachment.